How to Break In New Work Boots

One most common thing that folks always consider when buying best work boots is the shorter break in period of the boots. However when you purchase leather work boots, they may be often a have the issue of a break in period. First thing in this regards is to make sure the work boot you purchase fits you well. It should not be too tight and not too lose as well. They should be adequate room for the foot with the socks on and should not be too snug with the toe in the front. The next things you need to consider is to trim your toenails. If this is not done, then it will cause you with serious issues on the toe when you have the new work boots on. These are the two prerequisites you need to do when buying new pairs of work boots. So let’s look into the ways and means of how we can ease this issue of a longer break in period with the new pair of work boots.

There are two common methods that folks do to break in their new boots. First is the hot water method and the second is the ice water method. With the hot water method, the boot is immersed into hot water until the boot is all filled up with hot water. Then remove the boot and drain the water off the boot and wear the boot immediately for about half an hour to one hour. As the boot dries up apply conditioner to the leather. This helps the boot to solidify as per the shape of your feet. The second method is to fill up a plastic bag with water and put it into your boots. Then move the work boot into a freezer and let the water in the plastic bag turn into ice. As this happens the leather expands and in turn, loosens up. However, both these methods will shorten the life of you boots since there is the usage of water on the inside of the boot. I personally use a third method which is a bit time consuming, however, doesn’t let me compromise the durability of my work boots

Once I have the new work boot, I apply mink oil to the boot and leave it overnight. You can use any sort of oil or wax conditioner on the boot for this purpose. Make sure to apply the conditioner all over the boot and spreading it evenly across all surfaces of the boot. Once this is done, I add a little bit more on to the problem areas of the boot like the toes, specifically the pinky finger and the back of the heels. This time, I don’t rub the oil evenly just apply in a chunk and leave it there overnight. Next day morning wipe off the oil from the problem areas. This will soften up those areas just a little bit more than the complete boot. I repeat this process to about 3 to 4 days and by this time the leather has completely broken up.

Work boots are produced from various materials to serve various purposes, hence use the above-mentioned tips to free up from the issue of longer break-in period of your work boots