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Moto racing

A sport that many people think of only as cars that run laps on a track. But those who are really interested know that racing is much more than that. Behind a car that turns around a track, there are sometimes thousands of people who give their heart and soul to deliver a car capable of winning races. On top of that, there is a driver who has to ignore everything around him, strategists who, as their names suggest, have to establish the best race strategy and who sometimes have to change that strategy in the middle of a race, because of an accident, an unforeseen event, a mechanical problem. After taking a tour of MVN Speedway, we are certain that you will have a different vision of motor racing, but also of motor sports in general.

At MVN Speedway, you’ll find everything you need to start, complete, or refine your motorsports culture. From the history of the legendary Indianapolis 500, to the winners of the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans, to the biographies of NASCAR’s greatest champions, you’ll know absolutely everything you need to know about motorsports. But not only that, motor racing has also made its way into popular culture, with many works based on motor sports. How can we not mention the movies Rush, Ford v. Ferrari or the cult Days of Thunder? You will find very complete analyses of the best works based on motor sports.

But as everywhere, the world of motorsports has also known its share of scandals and dramas that have nevertheless contributed to the history of this discipline. Relive the terrible accident of Niki Lauda, or discover or rediscover the great masquerade of the 2005 US Grand Prix, where only six cars took part in the race!

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